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there's no glitter in the gutter

there's no twilight galaxy

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Not because I'm supersecretive, but because I like to know who's reading. My journal is mostly focused around real life and school and is likely to be not-quite-interesting, but feel free to friend me if we share similar interests/I know you from somewhere/you think we'll get along. If you do, comment and let me know? :Db

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A levels are over jeez what. (Except for H3 but, seriously, H3 art is easier than H2. And I have nearly a whole week to study, so.) I'm happy, of course, but mostly...tired.


And I'm moving!

I've had this journal for four years and I've grown up into it…basically I love it hella a lot, but it's full of emotional baggage and memories and I want the next chapter, a new leaf, a clean slate, whatever you want to call it.

School has kicked my ass daily for the past two years and I've barely touched my flist for months, but if you still want to be friends with me, feel free to add me there (regardless of whether we're RL friends, online friends, even if we haven't talked for months). From now on I'll probably be more active and we can reconnect. If not, no hard feelings!

I'm too sentimental to delete this journal (you have no idea how much arguing with myself I had to do to even decide to move), so it stays. But yeah:


Goodbye and see you on the other side.

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Survey: Art and People

I've shamelessly spammed this via email, facebook and tumblr and now I'm spamming it here also. Take five to ten minutes to help me do a survey on art for school? No prior knowledge of art required, although a working brain is required. It's a hard survey, I think, and I wrote it!

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help_haiti art for garrideb
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I did this...really fast, and a while ago, but I'm just getting round to posting it now!

garrideb asked for Carol/Wanda (I SHIP IT NOW TOO, THANKS) so I read through some Avengers V3 and read the sadly-few (but REALLY GOOD) fics that're floating around out there to refresh my knowledge of their relationship. Then I was either going to draw Carol flying with Wanda in her arms, or them eating together. The former was easier to conceptualize, but the latter was more interesting and less-overdone and I just couldn't get it out of my head so I went with it eventually :D Only downside is I didn't get to draw Carol's awesome costume (it has to be one of my favourite costumes ever, I mean, omg, the diagonal lightning bolt, and the sash. The sash).

Basically there's not much more to this drawing than "Wanda took Carol out for lunch at a Romanian restaurant." (I looked up Romanian food and everything! Carol's eating chifteles; Wanda has goulash.) Whether this date is platonic or romantic is entirely up to viewer judgement. B)

(click for larger)

Anatomy's not perfect (yet!! I'm still learning) but it's okay, I guess. I used a photo for the background -- not because I was lazy; I honestly thought it would look better. A contrasty effect. The logo on Carol's shirt is a slightly-bastardized version of the US Air Force logo. I may have played down their Most Common Superpower a little bit. I don't consider it much of a loss. B|

garrideb likes it, so I'm over the moon. (Is there any higher praise than "This is what canon will never,
ever give me, so I'm so happy that you could"?) :D <3 the Avenger ladies! <3 that you asked for this! <3 you!


ION, I got into ODAC! \o/

...goodbye, internet life.

No, really. I didn't realise how much I wanted it until I clicked on the link to the CCA trials status page and saw the Successful.

But yeah. Internet life, how? :(

i love typos
y the last man: yorick again :D
For ofhipsandhearts :

btw next tuesday i have touch rug trials
at the ri astroturd
it ends at 6.30
- grace                  if i could do just one near-perfect thing:
HAHAHA best typo ever

I'd love to see people playing rugby in a
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Or how about Imogen Heap in March? If you want to go, xlidingaway , I will totally go with you.

I just watched the first three episodes of Legend of the Seeker.
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The short version: NICE-LOOKING BUT DUMB.

The long version -- this is really TLDRy because I just can't stop once I startCollapse )


yeah yeah the time of giving and all that :)
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Christmas mixtape (I couldn't fit all the songs on my playlist in, so I just picked my favourites) for ofhipsandhearts, because she asked. <3333333

Crocodiles & Dum Dum Girls - Merry Christmas Baby (Please Don't Die)
Eisley - The Winter Song
The Flaming Lips - White Christmas
John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
The Keys - Queuing Up For Christmas
Lucky Soul - Lonely This Christmas
My Morning Jacket - Christmas Time Is Here Again
Nerina Pallot - Blue Christmas
Sean Bones - If You Hear A Knock
Slow Club - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Sufjan Stevens - It's Christmas! Let's Be Glad
Tom Waits - Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis

Download here! Enjoy!

So I did an art collab with kelly1_watxm , just to see how much awesome we could fit into one picture. She gave me this awesome lineart of Pietro and Dominic (what did I say about crackshippers in my last post?) walking through the snow and I coloured it! I love the way you draw people, Kelly, they're so anatomically correct -- mine always have bendy limbs and sharp faces and bits sticking out at strange angles. I had to do the colouring when homophobic!family wasn't looking, but I had lots of fun anyway, and I learnt how to make snow in Photoshop the easy way! 8D The next best thing to having snow is drawing it.

Click for larger!



ETA: Strange conversation I had with my brother last night before we fell asleep. (We share a room.)

Jon: Hey, Grace.
Jon: I want to run a farm.
Me: When?
Jon: time?
Me: Why?
Jon: I don't know.
Me: What kind of farm? A high-tech one or a rustic one?
Jon: with tractors and stuff.
Me: ...okay.

I don't know, heh. He's thirteen. It's kind of endearing to watching him trying to be all grown up and stuff while the little boy inside shows through every now and then.

it's Christmas already?
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I have no idea where all my holidays went, but thinking over them I have decided adamantly that they were Not A Waste Of Time. Granted, I didn't do anything particularly commendable or productive, but you know what? I had fun. I spent the time doing things I loved. I relaxed.

I needed that.


I'm telling ya, my Christmas playlist is made of win.

My past two years' worth of music is still stuck in the hard drive of the desktop comp that crashed, though. :/ My cousin will get round to fixing it sometime, I guess.


also, my art for the WATX secret santa!! :DCollapse )

That's it!

Uh. Merry Christmas? :D

oh dear why did i spend so long on this
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I wanted to do something with the nicest of my photos from Cameron -- I took a lot, with my new phone, which has an awesome camera! Yeah and...I ended up with these. They're all cropped and (pretty heavily) shooped, the colours and everything, because I am better at photoshop than I am at photography. Also I think some of the alignments are off because the snap-to-grid thing doesn't always work exactly and even after three years on this program I still can't figure out any 100% accurate and fast way to line up things neatly. D:

100 more photos in chronological order of when they were takenCollapse )


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